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Acorn Hill Farm

Owner: Joyce Henion

Established in 2004 Acorn Hill Farm is little goat farm with a organic and sustainable philosophy. Joyce (gen one) and Aleah (gen two)manage a small herd of goats and produce a variety of dairy products for both retail and wholesale customers. Our Nubian dairy goats produce the rich delicious milk we use to make our cheese, yogurt and fudge and are managed with love and respect and without hormones or other unnecessary substances. Each of our milking ladies were born on the farm and will live their entire life with us, our goats are never culled for meat production. It is our goal to operate as a no kill dairy and we are in the process of attaining Certified Humane status for our herd.
Our artisan farmstead cheeses are made in small batches using vegetarian rennet and are suitable for vegetarians seeking to avoid animal rennet used in cheesemaking. Herbs used to flavor our cheeses are certified organic or grown by us without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. Our cheeses are used by chefs throughout the region and our fresh ricotta won gold at the 2019 NYS Fair.
Acorn Hill Farm is a NYcertified farm and dairy committed to sustainable farming and food safety.


5941 Route 209
Kerhonkson, New York 12446


Sales Channels: Farmers Market, On-Farm Sales, Retail, Wholesale

Products: Dairy

Days of the Week: