There’s Still Time To Show Your Love For Local Food & Farming This Year, With A Tax-Deductible Gift to RVGA!

Winter has just begun,  but RVGA is already sowing seeds for next year’s growth!

Make a Tax-Deductible Contribution By December 31

to help build our capacity to support our farmers and the Rondout Valley’s Living Economy, in 2018 and Beyond!

Your charitable contribution is as important to us as nutrient-rich soil, rain, sunshine and oxygen are to the growth, health and well-being of the sunflower and all of our crops in the Rondout Valley. Our region’s food security, economic development and unique quality of life all depend upon a vibrant local farming environment.

Your charitable gift will nourish our roots, strengthen our stalks and support our work with farmers, neighbors, institutions and organizations to educate and create awareness about the importance of local food and farming. This year our farmers provided over 73,239 pounds of produce to local food pantries. That equals more than 61,000 meals to our neighbors in need.

A gift of $50 by December 31  is equivalent to the nutrient-rich soil that nourishes the sunflower; your contribution will enrich program quality and support the current and future farmers who provide fresh, healthy food for you, your family and the community.

Don’t hesitate. Give yourself the gift of reducing your 2017 taxes by making a charitable contribution to RVGA by December 31. You will be doing yourself a favor while renewing your commitment to our farmers and keeping farming strong in the Rondout Valley!

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