What is a Share Table?

In school cafeterias across America, kids with extra food place it on the “share table” for anyone who is hungry to eat.

TheShareTable.Org ™ shares the same mission of these generous kids. We aim to nourish the bodies and minds of students by exploring the wonders and tastes of locally grown food.

TheShareTable.org is an Ulster County, NY based Farm-to-School advocacy, planning and implementation program designed to disseminate information, educate and enrich students, and create sustainable, mutually-beneficial partnerships between schools and local farms.

With a vibrant Farm-to-School program,

  • Students learn lifelong lessons on how their food is grown, what good nutrition means and how to eat healthy. We stress the vital importance of building vibrant, inclusive, resilient local food systems for the next generation of young learners. 

  • Local farmers witness their food actually feeding school children. Once the norm, small local farms have been cut out of our cafeterias. Over time, we can create sustainable markets where growers include cafeteria purchases in their crop plans.

  • Communities are enriched because their children learn to respect and value small farms, nutrition, and giving back – lessons they bring home to their families and friends.

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