RVGA Annual Farmer Dinner Recap

About 35 farmers, presenters, RVGA Board members and staff gathered on March 15 at the  Rondout Municipal Center’s Blackboard Bistro to catch up with each other, meet new members, and hear about the latest strategic developments at RVGA.

Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, Peggy Elkins of Farm Family Insurance Solutions and Richard Casey of 4×4 North America, the attendees enjoyed the dinner free of charge.

Following the delicious & seasonal buffet dinner whipped up by Blackboard Bistro Chef David Doyle and by Chef & RVGA Board Member John Novi, RVGA Board Chair Nick  Cipollone and Executive Director Carol Reiser introduced short presentations by Peggy Elkins (Farm Family Insurance), Richard Casey (4×4 North America), Tyler Mason (How Good), Jesse Marcus (Visit Vortex) and Michael Berg (Family of Woodstock).

These presentations highlighted the strategic priorities that RVGA is focusing on this year, as a result of responses to our Farmer Survey.

Priorities are:

  1. Increasing Marketing, Brand Recognition & Visibility for RVGA, via local advertising campaigns & enhanced social media presence;
  2. Increasing Professional Development, Networking & Advocacy opportunities for our Member Farmers;
  3. Providing professional education opportunities, via an annual 2-day conference that will kick off in February or March 2019; and
  4. Strengthening our Farm to Food Pantry (F2FP) Collaboration with Ulster Corps and Family of Woodstock.

If you would like to read a more detailed version of RVGA’s Strategic Plan,  send and email to office@rondoutvalleygrowers.org and we would be happy to send you a copy.

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