What We Do: Our Programs


We focus our work in four core areas: Farm to SchoolFarmer to FarmerFarm to Food Pantry and Farm to CommunityAlso, RVGA serves as a collective voice of farmers, residents and businesses working together to save local farming.

Organizations, community leaders, visitors and residents who care deeply about healthy communities, food security, open space and local agriculture value our input. Policy makers, planners, land trusts and other nonprofits have given RVGA a seat at the table, and our voice in the dialogue brings the growers perspective to the critical issues facing farming and food systems in our region. Landowners looking for farmers to work their land ask us for input and help in making connections to the grower community. Young farmers seeking good farmland or financial support for their agricultural projects increasing reach out to RVGA for advice and referrals.

We also provide an annual RVGA Student Scholarship Award to recognize a local high school graduating senior intending to study agriculture or a related field. The award is offered to students who reside in the Rondout Valley region of Ulster County.