Learn the ABCs of RVGA!

RVGA is kicking off a little competition we’re calling the ABC’s of RVGA! This friendly game is offered to help you – our friends, supporters, lurkers and loved ones – get to know more about our farming community.

There will be prizes.

From A to Z, questions will be posted based on a consecutive letter in the alphabet in which the question or answer begins with the letter of the day. Check our Facebook page daily for the question, find the answer (hint: answers can be found on our webpage, in the Food & Farm Finder, or, occasionally – Google!), and post your answer on FB under the question. Answers must be received by midnight of the day the question is posted.

Everyone’s name with the correct answer that day will be put into a hat and a drawing will be held for the winner. The winners will be announced daily. On Bonus Days, players will compete for prizes that range from a “KNOW FARM KNOW FOOD” bumper sticker, RVGA-branded hat, t-shirt, market bag, grilling apron to an RVGA-branded flowerpot.

Good Luck and have fun getting to know our local agriculture!

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