FarmDirect Micro-Grant

A Program of the Rondout Valley Growers Association

* RVGA members – please use the password-protected page you’ve received via email. This page does NOT contain the grant application.

The FarmDirect Micro-Grant Program exists to help small growers bridge the gap between the cost of necessary investments and what the growers can afford.

To be eligible for a grant, you must:

  • Be a current member of the Rondout Valley Growers Association 
  • Demonstrate a farm-related expense with a minimum cost of $1,000   
  • Agree to supply documentation to verify your purchase/expense and its cost

Examples of eligible grant expenses:

  • Equipment
  • Fencing
  • Add-ons to help build your farm business model
  • Your cost-share for another grant (as long as it’s directly related to your farm’s business), such as USDA, HVADC, etc. 
  • Creating a new website for your business and/or professional marketing 
  • Incorporation
  • Please note that general operating expenses, such as the following, are NOT eligible for a grant: payroll, animal feed, fertilizer, fuel, general supplies, etc.

Eligible Grant Types

Individual Growers:

Individual farm applicants can apply for a $500 grant to cover an expense with a minimum cost of $1,000.

Collective Purchases:

Joint applications of two or more applicants to make a farm-related purchase can apply for $500 per farm, with the cost share to be waived. 

The purchase price must equal or exceed the total grant amount. For example, if three growers apply for a joint grant of $1,500, the purchase price must be a minimum of $1,500


Growers who sell produce, meat, dairy, grain, or beans to public schools in Ulster County can apply for a $500 grant for sales totaling over $2,000.

Schools pay less than the price at which farmers can traditionally afford to sell. This is a 25% rebate to help cover the difference between the two price points.