FarmDirect Micro-Grant

A Program of the Rondout Valley Growers Association

* RVGA MEMBERS – Applications are accepted only during the specified period and not on a rolling basis. During that period, please use the password-protected page sent via email. This page does NOT contain the grant application.

The FarmDirect Micro-Grant Program exists to help small growers bridge the gap between the cost of necessary investments and what the growers can afford.

In our members’ words:

These FarmDirect Micro-Grants are lifelines for local farmers in our area, often making the difference between operating and not operating. I recommend that they become the prevailing model for farm aid throughout the US small farm ecosystem.”

“It was a huge relief to not have to shoulder all the cost of the purchase.”

“We would like to thank the RVGA for their help in supporting our local farms in these challenging times.”

“We are so appreciative of the financial assistance. The cooler purchase is a huge success for our farm. I could immediately see the benefits. I was able to triple my offerings to my customers within the first couple weeks of the cooler operation and have been able to take on a couple new customers.”

“We are incredibly thankful for the support! It is super successful to our farm to have a large important project completed before the beginning of a new season.”

To be eligible for a grant, the farmer must:

  • Be a current member of the Rondout Valley Growers Association 
  • Demonstrate a farm-related expense with a minimum cost of $1,000   
  • Agree to supply documentation to verify their purchase/expense and its cost

Examples of eligible grant expenses:

  • Equipment
  • Fencing
  • Add-ons to help build the farm’s business model
  • Cost-share for another grant (as long as it’s directly related to the farm’s business), such as USDA, HVADC, etc. 
  • Creating a new website for the farm’s business and/or professional marketing 
  • Incorporation
  • Please note that general operating expenses, such as the following, are NOT eligible for a grant: payroll, animal feed, fertilizer, fuel, general supplies, etc.

Eligible Grant Types

Individual Growers:

Individual farm applicants can apply for a $500 grant to cover an expense with a minimum cost of $1,000.

Collective Purchases:

Joint applications of two or more applicants to make a farm-related purchase can apply for $500 per farm, with the cost share to be waived. 

The purchase price must equal or exceed the total grant amount. For example, if three growers apply for a joint grant of $1,500, the purchase price must be a minimum of $1,500


Growers who sell produce, meat, dairy, grain, or beans to public schools in Ulster County can apply for a $500 grant for sales totaling over $2,000.

Schools pay less than the price at which farmers can traditionally afford to sell. This is a 25% rebate to help cover the difference between the two price points.