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The Four Agreements: A Practice with Horses! @ Hudson Valley HorsePlay

May 4 @ 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm


Join us for a unique experience at Hudson Valley HorsePlay! This in-person event offers an exciting opportunity to learn from the wisdom of horses while exploring The Four Agreements, the teachings of Don Miguel RuizThese agreements are as follows:

  1. Be Impeccable with Your Word
  2. Don’t Take Anything Personally
  3. Don’t Make Assumptions
  4. Always Do Your Best.

Why Horses? Horses naturally live by principles such as these. (#1)They are always authentic and congruent! Horses are honest with their emotions and vulnerabilities. Spendsome time with them and you’ll see how well it serves them. And us. (#2) Horses are self-respecting and resilient. The bigger picture (“community” let’s say) is far more important than a squabble (over hay or greener grass). They’re able to move-on and/or away from the chaotic and incongruent and go about their day / their lives without insult. (#3) Horses are curious, non-judgemental and clear communicators. Oh joy! They embody these valuable traits and beautifully illustrate the opportunity that awaits those with an open mind. (#4) Partnering with a horse can be challenging. Let’s face it . . they’re 1,000 lb prey animals and we can’t control them! What we CAN control is how (if) we leverage our personal strengths, like awareness and patience and persistence and creative problem-solving et al. By engaging in an activity/ game or task with a horse we can discover how and when we’re doing our best, and how and when we get discouraged or frustrated or maybe even critical of our progress or results. The horse, on the other hand, has no inner critic and is not attached to a particular any goal or outcome. The horse shows us that the process is the most important part of “the process”.

What Will We Do?

Together we’ll observe a variety of horses, both as individuals and in their herd (group) setting. We’ll identify each agreement with some discusion and introduce exercises for further exploration. Participants may choose to get up close and hands on with one or more horses. There will also be one or more group (collaborative) activity.

Our facilitators will guide you, support you, and ensure a safe environment in which you can learn and play! No horse experience is necessary. There is no riding involved. The focus is on awareness, self-discovery and personal growth.

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to connect with horses and gain invaluable insights that can positively impact your life, your level of happines, your relationship with yourself, with others and with the world at large. Space is limited, so secure your spot today!