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Rosendale Theatre Mushroom Festival

June 17, 2023 @ 10:00 am - 9:00 pm

$30 – $40

It’s time for the second annual Rosendale Theatre Mushroom Festival! Oh, yes! Myco-consciousness has been rising for a few years now and us fungus lovers couldn’t be happier. Fungi are not plants, and they aren’t animals, they are the third kingdom of life and they are everywhere! A few cause humans trouble, but most play constructive roles in the world: munching and eliminating dead wood in the forest (rot), feeding tree roots water and nutrients, and of course, the delicious ones please our taste buds and nourish us. Some even say that the human race owes its astounding mental evolution to psychedelic mushrooms. Just a few fungal virtues!

The Mushroom Festival, held on June 17, 10am, at the Rosendale Theatre will be fun and informative – it will include a guided walk of Joppenburgh Mountain, short films, poetry, the feature film Know Your Mushrooms, and a panel discussion of the medicinal potential of psychedelic mushrooms.

Having Your Way with Mushrooms in the Kitchen will be my offering to the festivities. I will demonstrate three easy, delicious, and flexible recipes to prepare whatever mushrooms are in your basket, in the way that you like best. And there will be tastes! Thanks to Cornell Cooperative Extension UC for sponsoring this enlightening community gathering!