Why Donate to the RVGA?

Photo courtesy of Bonticou Ducks
Photo courtesy of Farmstock Farm

Those of us who live in, or have ties to, the Rondout Valley know what an important asset agriculture is to our way of life. We have access to healthy, locally-grown and produced foods and a wide array of goods; our farms offer a variety of events and activities ranging from music under the stars to summer camps; there is a sense of community around farming; and a true appreciation for preserving the land for future generations.

Being a farmer/grower is a true labor of love and comes with many challenges and occasional hardships. Farmers often have to pivot and adjust to be able to sustain and survive.

When you donate to the RVGA, you are providing direct support to, and investment in, agriculture in the Rondout Valley. We believe in our Mission and Vision and they are the drivers for all that we do.

Mission – To strengthen our community and economy by supporting local agriculture.

Vision – A world nourished by local farms.

Make a tax-deductable donation today!

Photo courtesy of Fiddlehead Farm
Photo courtesy of Flying Change Farm
Photo courtesy of Hollengold Farm
Photo courtesy of Twilight Acres Homegrown