CSA Shares (Community Supported Agriculture)

Available CSA Shares (Community Supported Agriculture)

Farmstock Farm

Fiddlehead Farm

Long Season Farm


What is a CSA share?

RVGA member, Solid Ground Farm, says “Community Supported Agriculture is a way for farmers and customers to benefit together. Members get a better price on vegetables by committing to a season-long membership in the farm, and get access to just-out-of-the-field freshness with every pick-up. Farmers can plan easier knowing they have members they can count on, and the up-front capital allows for investing in equipment, supplies, and seed at the start of the season. And unlike purchasing your food at a store, farmers and members alike benefit from the close relationship.

Winter Season 2022/2023 – SIGN UP NOW

  • Fiddlehead Farm: every 2 weeks from Nov. – Mar.; full and half shares; also offering an egg share
  • Tributary Farm: 11 weeks from Dec. – Apr.; also offering an egg share; you can pay in 2 installments and SNAP isaccepted