Long before the earliest European settlers arrived, native peoples tilled the rich soils of the Rondout Valley, a fertile floodplain stretching from Kingston to Ellenville, between the Catskill Mountains and the Shawangunk Ridge. Today the Rondout Valley yields over 17 million pounds of food each year – plus flowers and herbs, nursery stock and Christmas trees, livestock and horse farms, and much more.

Our Local Farmers and Growers
Provide us with high-quality, fresh, safe, local food
Preserve local agricultural open space
Protect the Valley’s fertile agricultural soils
Raise livestock for food, work and recreation
Connect farms to schools and children
Reduce our carbon footprint
Increase the health and well-being of the community

The Rondout Valley Growers Association (RVGA) supports our farming community – a diverse array of over 60 farms from 13th-generation families to newcomers. We are supported in our mission by local businesses, residents and the community to:
Strengthen farms and our local economy
Support innovative farming practices
Help bring food security to underserved populations
Build community among farmers, and between farmers, neighbors, schools and beyond
Educate, celebrate and advocate about the importance of local food and local farms

Featured Grower

Tongore Brook Farm

Tongore Brook Farm is a small, family owned and operated enterprise located in scenic Stone Ridge, New York, situated where the Catskills Mountains meet the Hudson Valley. A working hay and barley farm in the late-18th century, and abandoned to reforestation by the late-19th century, it was re-born as a unique greenhouse farm in 2012. Solar … Continue reading Tongore Brook Farm


Bell’s Christmas Tree Farm

We planted our first trees as a hobby in 1991 on our family run dairy farm in Accord, New York, nestled between the Shawangunk Ridge and the foothills of the Catskills. Since then, we have learned several aspects of the profession of Christmas tree growing. From establishing transplant beds, to grooming the various shapes and … Continue reading Bell’s Christmas Tree Farm



RVGA 2019 Annual Report

RVGA 2019 Annual Report.pdf There are four seasons in a year, each with its own special rhythm. In the spring the days grow longer and warmer. We sow seeds and watch the green return to the landscape. Summer’s bounty brings fresh fruits and vegetables, warm days and nights, and more time outside. In the fall … Continue reading RVGA 2019 Annual Report



Farmscape Newsletter

Your guide to news of Rondout Valley Growers- It’s hard to believe that it’s already time for many farms to close up for the winter months and that the holiday season is just around the corner. As you’re decorating, planning your menus, and getting ready to spend time withyour loved ones, don’t forget that many RVGA farms … Continue reading Farmscape Newsletter

Farm to Food Pantry

Our Farm to Food Pantry Program makes us feel so proud to be a part of this amazing community! Here’s some data from our partners at Family of Woodstock Inc: So far this year, 36 growers/donors have contributed 120,610 pounds of produce, most of which was distributed to 52 food pantries, shelters, and feeding programs in … Continue reading Farm to Food Pantry


Volunteering for RVGA

Become a Volunteer

Volunteering is a great way to support Rondout Valley farmers and our mission. Find out more by visiting our volunteer page.

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